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 Beth Din of East Flatbush offers marriage counseling, and mediation and legal advice  referrals.

Founded by the Late Rabbi Yakov Yehudah Hecht, for more than 60 years the Beth Din has been serving the greater New York Jewish community with marriage advice and Gittin - Jewish divorce proceedings.

The Beth Din counts in its members experienced Dayanim and active community Rabbonim who serve Jewish communities in NY. Their collective knowledge in Jewish law and hands on experience in family advocacy in your time of need.

Additionally, social workers and Doctors as well as Lawyers are associated with our Beth Din to provide appropriate guidance.

*Child Custody, Asset Distribution & Final Divorce Agreements

*Dispute Resolutions & Marriage counseling to avoid a divorce

*Professional & Medical Intervention for severe circumstances & Experienced Counsel

For more information please call our main office at (718)735-0200

Av Beth Din – Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky

Rav of the Beth Din – Rabbi Shimon Hecht

Dayan & Mediator – Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

Senior Scribe of the Beth Din – Rabbi Lichter

Chaver Beis Din - Rabbi Tuvia Halevi Kasimov

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