The Bridal Giving Boutique, in memory of Rebbetzin Chave Hecht OBM, is a non-profit initiative in Crown Heights, that gifts brand new, sheva brachos outfits and accessories to Kallahs who can benefit from this opportunity. 
Each kallah is welcomed at her private appointment to choose brand new Sheva Brachos outfits and accessories as a gift for her to keep. Just like a regular shop but without the price tags! 

The Bridal Giving Boutique gives kallahs the gift of joy, the taste of confidence, and the comfort in knowing that they will shine, without the financial burden.

Our Board includes Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Mrs. Subie Rubashkin, Mrs. Miri Gourarie, Mrs. Brocha Chein and directed by Dassie Hecht.

Honorary member, Mrs Raizel Wolvovsky, OBM

Email: [email protected]
IG: @nybridalboutique