The Bridal Boutique is a non-profit initiative in Crown Heights, that gifts brand new, elegant and chic sheva brachos outfits and accessories to Kallahs.
Each year there are many kallahs who struggle with all the expenses that go along with planning a wedding. The Bridal Boutique gives these brides the gift of joy, the taste of confidence, and the comfort in knowing that they will shine, without a deep financial burden.
This special cause was opened for our dear kallahs struggling to find affordable, beautiful and tznius clothing for their sheva brachos, a time when she is to be treated like a queen without financial stress.
Each Kallah receives two new outfits, a pair of dress shoes, a handbag, and a pair of earrings. Everything is for the Kallah to keep and free of charge.
Our advisory board consists of Rebbetzin Leah Klein, Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky, Mrs. Subie Rubashkin, Mrs. Miri Gourarie, and directed by Dassie Hecht. 
If you would like to join in this incredible cause by donating new clothing, please e-mail [email protected] to arrange details.

If you would like to join us by donating funds to the Bridal Boutique, you can do so on our contribution page by clicking here.